Get the right business funding.

Same day loan approval for up to $1 Million USD with next day cash deposit or line of credit up to 500K USD.

*Soft pull option with no commitments

up to $1M

Business Loan

Easy, Fast Application
Flexible Repayments

3 to 36 Months

Multi-Loan Options from $5k to $1M

Competitive Rates *from 1% to 45%


up to $500k

Line of Credit

A constant supply of funding & keep up with recurring expenses.

Easily control seasonal changes of income.

Automatic daily or weekly payments.

for > $50k

Consolidation Loan

Make your loan repayments feasible.

Lower Payments

Keep your operations running

Reduce your repayment amount and focus on making more money.

Let us help you succeed.

We are here to help you get alternative funding options to conventional commercial loans.

If you’re in need of business financing and looking for extra capital, you’ve come to the right place.

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Our agents can provide clarity and help you make the right decision.

We are here to help you get you funded at a low competive rate.

We can explain all the availible options be it Business Cash Advance, Lines of Credit, Collateralized Loans, Equipment Financing, Consolidation and or Health Care Cash Advance.

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Fast & Very Easy
Application Process

Our commitment to you is giving you personal support every step of the way and leaving no stone unturned in search of the best funding solution for your business. Find out what you can qualify for in minutes!


Complete Form

Fill out the application form & conveniently sign with Adobe.


Required Documents

After you complete and sign the form, you will need to send us:
1. Copy of your Goverment Issued ID
2. Bank Statements for your Business *LAST 3 MONTHS


Receive Offers

Get several pre-approved funding options for your business.


Review the Terms

Discuss your available funding options with our agent and negaciate the best rate.


Accept Offer

Sign the required documents to accept the funding.


Get your funding!

Upon signing the agreements the funds will be deposited into your account within 48 hours.

What do our clients think?

We are here to help you fund your goals
and build strong business connections.

From time to time, I turn to Main Street Finance Group to give my business the extra boost and receive the much needed funding every few years.


I got tired of always asking for loans every year, so MSFG helped me get a line of credit so that I can use it when I needed without applying for a loan each time.


Who are we?

Our company specializes in helping business owners
get the cash they need, in a variety of long-term or short-term circumstances.

Who we are?

Main Street Finance Groupis one of the top business loan companies. We offer some of the best and most convenient secured and unsecured financing options for small businesses. We always get the job done for our clients – Whether it’s business cash advance, lines of credit, unsecured long term loans, or collateral loans such as SBA(s).

What we offer?

Main Street Finance Group is an experienced firm that helps business owners find alternative funding options to conventional commercial loans.

While so-called “traditional bank loans” require assets, great credit scores, loads of paperwork, and a lot of time to process, our program is different. We can get our clients approved for a business cash advance within 24 hours and get them the cash they need in days. We also offer lines of credit, collateral loans, and equipment financing that have the same fast application process.